Unfolding Mysteries of Healing

Healing is a common terminology for Balinese. It has been practiced for many years before the modernization begins. Spiritual or traditional healing has no longer a mystery in Bali since the healing practitioners are now very open to share their spiritual abilities to public who are interested to know. It is not something magical to find out since healing is a form of energy work through many different ways, such as; meditation, yoga, energy transfer or consuming herbal medicines. From the word origin, the most interesting thing is healing through energy works. In Bali common word to mention the practitioners are Balians, but it is common to call them healers. The word has been springing out to the international ears since the movie, entitled eat, pray and love released. Thanks to the book writer who brought Bali to the international audience through the movie which is adapted from the author’s experiences.

Some Balians are gifted or chosen by the unseen spirit or God. During their duties as Balians, they would help people without expecting anything in return. Balinese will carry offerings to the Balians when they do consultation. They place donation as the appreciation for the Balians within the offerings. Here need to make things straight related to donation. Some Balians will perform their duty as healers totally. They would not work except for the healing duties and automatically, they would not have source of income.  The donation would go for the Balians needs and family or would be used for other ceremonial activities in their houses.

Some locals still believe in spiritual healing as an alternative of the medical treatment. This has rooted from the old generation and the faith has passed down to the offspring. The healing is not only for physical illness but also physiology disturbances. Balinese are the true believers of spirit. They believe bad spirit brings out all negative energy to their surrounding which results in sickness caused by magic. The procession can be varied depends on each healer. Different healer would have his/her own method of healing or consultation related to specific issues to be helped.

Balinese family will consult a Balian when they find unexplainable circumstances happen for example; mystical event takes place which cannot be explained, some hints on what should be done through dreams, or a family member gets sick and cannot be examined medically. The Balian will be consulted to find out the answers. When meeting this Balian, he or she will do chanting and communicate to the family’s ancestors to find out the problems and the answers. For the healing process would take time and gradually shows progress. It is not an instant heal within a click. One more, changing into another Balian is quite normal when one Balian cannot give result. Note that this does not mean a Balian is not capable, but the energy between the Balian and the person to heal is not in tuned.

There are several etiquettes that need to be paid attention for foreigners who wish to meet the Balians for consultation or healing; The Balians are healers who carry the duty to help people showing the way or healing, they are not God. Their advice can be taken however Almighty God is still the one. When meeting the Balians, never ever touch their head since it is the most sacred part of the body, even a close relationship is set up already. When sit down with the Balians, never point the feet at them, this is considered to be rude. If handing offering or other things to the healers, right hand is a must to be used. When giving the donation, should not expect things in return. Be always cautious with Balians who ask for money. Normally, real Balians would not stress on money, they would focus on helping. Show respect by dressing politely, better wear sarong and sash as Balinese do.