Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall is located at Tegenungan Village, approx. 1-hour drive from the international airport, an absolutely exquisite Waterfall hidden away to the south of Ubud. This place also good for hiking through the jungle to a hidden waterfall. The nice path behind trees leads to the spot and tiny wood bridges. It is amazing when you are next to it. Beautiful waterfall and spectacular scenery on going down to the Tegenungan waterfall. We advise is to have sandal not shoes because of stones. We enjoy the scenery along the journey to get there. Great place to visit either as a couple or with friends. There are lots of small stores and restaurants around for you to enjoy food, a cold drink when you get to the top and the gelato is excellent.

this waterfall isn’t far away from the carpark. The stairs are basically vertical and steep to climb. Be prepared for walking up the stairs once you are done with the waterfall as it can get quite tiring for any people to climb even though we’re all young and fit. Remember to take a break in the climb to the top, it is a long journey. You need to be in good health but it is a very good experience.

There was limited space for you to swim because there are so many people cramped. It would be a nice spot when few people there. Going swimming and feel the fresh air in the morning time. You will get some privacy and enjoy every moment.

The place on the top is a bit dirty because of the construction work and development. There already have tickets for IDR 10.000. Toilet and shower for your comfort in the area. We hope visitors, can keep the place nature and no rubbish by bringing it home.

Probably a good idea to get here early! don’t forget your bathing equipment to clean your body after swimming, so you can be fresh to continue your trip. And DO NOT swallow the water.

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