Sunset at Balangan Beach Bali

Balangan beach is a real find. A long, low strand at the base of the cliffs is covered with palm trees and fronted by a ribbon of near-white sand, picturesquely dotted with white sun umbrellas. It is a very quiet beach and small. Feels like a private beach.

There are two choices for spending the night at Balangan Beach. Firstly, you can stay up on the bluff at some fairly simple yet quite nice guesthouses that have pools and an air of permanency. Or you can find a room in one of the motels where situated closed to the beach. The beach is a mere five-minute walk away.

We choose to stay in Sanur area because we want to see the sunrise and it is a quiet area to stay. Well, this is what we choose. We rent a car and driver to get there with 8 hours services private driver. It is an easy way to get there. Don’t ever try to use GPS or google maps. In this area, you will have a problem with network problems from any isp. It is a tranquil and rural area with no road sign. The road to this beach is small but it is ok for two ways driving. So, we also don’t recommend to any single driver trough the nighttime above 8 o’clock. In conclusion, you cannot ask anyone for the direction.

At Balangan beach, in the northern end of the beach is a small temple, Pura Dalem Balanga. Bamboo beach shacks line the southern end, visitors laze away with one eye cast on the action at the fast left surf break here. You will also see a beautiful cliff to the ocean. It is nice place to take picture. So let say this Balangan beach actually a sacred place also because it really close to the temple.

Waiting for the sunset at 4 pm on the beach, it was a hot sunny day and a long journey to reach Balangan beach. The sand was white and glowing. There were only a few people on the beach. Some people surf, others just swam in the shore or sunbathing. It’s certainly a beautiful beach, a great spot to surf and chill out. Don’t forget to bring your own beer or soft-drink while waiting for the sunset.

All prices a little bit up compare to the mini-market in another area. Be pleased to bring a plastic bag to contain your waste during the journey. We don’t lie down on a long chair under an umbrella. We do lie down on the send and bring our drink and snack. It is the best way to spend your daytime on the beach. Some of our friends do swimming. We also see a few people enjoy surfing the wave and other couples come to this beach to spend their holiday to see a sunset. Be pleased to remember this beach usually visit by domestic and foreign visitors.

For the toilet, be please to use the one that manages by a small stall there. You need to pay IDR 2,000 for one shoot. No need to buy any drink or food in the stall before use it. Just use and pay. That’s it.

We tried to take a few shots surrounding the beach with our iPhone 5. It is hard to play with but it is fun. Since now we will try to show you how to enjoy your holiday with a simple and easy way to capture all your moments. Many people have their own smartphone and we think that a DSLR camera or pocket camera is not a simple tool to use. Our opinion any smartphone with an 8-megapixel camera is more than enough to capture all moments in your holiday.

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