Save Bali Mangrove

Bali – The rejection of permit for management of 102.22 hectares of mangrove forests to investors in Park Ngurah Rai, Suwung Kauh, Denpasar. This time the firm rejection came from the chairman of the factions in the House of Representatives of Bali. They requested that mangrove forests are not sacrificed and used for business opportunity by the Government of Bali and ignore the environmental damage caused.
Chairman of the PDI-P DPRD Bali Ketut Tama Tenaya flatly refused to permit investors to manage the mangrove forest as an area of nature tourism, especially to be built 75 number of tourism accommodation such as hotels, restaurants and spas. ” We firmly reject it. Moreover, to be built a number of tourism accommodation facilities are obviously very big impact on environmental damage,” he said.

He also confirmed that mangroves should not be leased to investors. Mangrove forest in Bali is limited then it should be maintained and enhanced, rather than used for business activities by private companies. If mangrove forests cleared to be buildings , land and sea also turned into building, then no more Bali. ” Governors do not turn mangrove forests to be a business opportunity to pursue the income, while the Bali will be destroyed,” he said.

By giving permission, the Governor issued a policy that is not appropriate and not pro-environment. The policy was taken without the knowledge of parliament. Parliament know this from the media. It is unfortunate and should be discussed beforehand because this the future of Bali, especially mangrove forests are the lungs of the city.

Meanwhile, according to Forest Service Chief Bali, I Gusti Ngurah Wiranatha said, investors will not change and destroy the mangrove forests. Related to the investors plan to build 75 units of accommodation, restaurants and spas, according Wiranatha, construction of tourism facilities in the zones have been determined to be restricted. The number is the proposal of the investor, not all of them will be approved. If it is not possible with the existing conditions of the mangrove forest, it can not be built. Later it will be confirmed again, the construction of the facility will be conducted on the waters so that the all building will be on float position and not destroy mangrove forests.

The government of bali want at least there is income of Rp 100 million each year for renting the mangrove forest to private industry.

DO the Government know about mangrove forest?

Mangrove forests are a unique ecosystem generally found along sheltered coasts where they grow abundantly in saline soil and brackish water subject to periodic fresh- and salt-water inundation.

Mangrove trees have specific characteristics such as tough root systems, special bark and leaf structures and other unique adaptations to enable them to survive in their habitat’s harsh conditions. The habitat is soft, salty and shallow, coupled with the endless ebb and flow of water providing very little support for most mangrove plants which have aerial or prop roots (known as pneumatrophores, or respiratory roots) and buttressed trunks.

Despite its smelly reputation, a mangrove forest is a very dynamic and highly productive ecosystem. It not only plays multiple ecological functions essential to its surrounding habitats, but is also an important resource for coastal communities.

Mangrove forests are important because they:

  • Protect coastlines against erosive wave action and strong coastal winds, and serve as natural barriers against tsunamis and torrential storms.
  • Prevent salt water from intruding into rivers.
  • Retain, concentrate and recycle nutrients and remove toxicants through a natural filtering process.
  • Provide resources for coastal communities who depend on the plants for timber, fuel, food, medicinal herbs and other forest products.
  • Can be harvested sustainably for wood and other products.
  • Are an important breeding ground for many fishes, crabs, prawns and other marine animals, essential for sustaining a viable fishing industry.

Given the enormous benefits of mangrove forests, proper management and conservation is therefore necessary to ensure the continued existence of mangrove forests.

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