Phenomenal Healers in Bali

Healers have been helping peoples in searching of peacefulness and happiness, to take away all burdens and sadness and for various healing purposes. There are many professional healers in Bali offering healing services through various kinds of method. Some of them are well known throughout the world.

Traditionally, there are several names of Balians with their specializations. Balians Apun (Massage Healer) heals broken bones by massaging with different pressures on the damaged part. Balians Manak are midwives to help women giving birth. Balian Tenungs are diviners meanwhile Balians Matuunan are the healers who are able to be possessed by the souls of the dead. Especially for Balians Matuunan, many people would consult them in the case of to communicate with the ancestors or passed away family members. In General, Balians in Bali are called either Balian Usadha (Healers who heal) or Balian Tapakan (Gifted Balians).

Balians Usadha are those who acquire their expertise through learning the palm leaf manuscripts (lontar) to give advice and treatment to clients. These types of Balians are male. Balians Tapakan possesses the power to heal people through gift. They are the spirits mediator for sickness, family problems, and other problems arise on the clients’ side. The spiritual power is used by the Balians to help people. They can enter the state of trance in relation in a regular basis in helping the clients to provide solutions or healing.

Healers already existed in Bali since 1300s. The Healers practicing at the present moment, are influenced by the technique of indigenous healers and the Hinduism.

However, with the modern era, some modern healers combine the western way and traditional healing to be more accepted by public both locally and internationally. There are some names worth to consider amongst other traditional Bali Healers if you want to have a visit.

Mertha Ada

Mertha Ada is a man with gentle smile and down to earth attitude. He has master the secret of harmonious body and soul for happiness. Teaching meditation since 1993 has resulted thousands of people join his meditation healing program. He shares to his fellows the relationship between the harmonious body and soul take part in healing process. Nowadays, many people have troublesome life and they are looking for depth way for harmonious life and happiness. Through Mertha Ada’s simple guidance, those are possible to achieve for better life.

Ketut Liyer

This man is not an artist. He is only a Balinese man, who heals people and help to guide them to find the light in their life. His name used to be known locally, however it becomes loud internationally since the movie of “Eat, Pray and Love” released. The movie was sourced from the book with the same title written by Elizabeth Gilbert book “Eat Pray, Love”. This complex movie describes how the main character did her travel in searching for love started from Italy, India and ended up in Bali where she founds balance and love. Through the hand f Ketut Liyer guiding her, she finally found what she was searching for. Since then, many people around the world noticed the healer. Until now, Liyer’s house is never empty. Curiosity to find out and to prove what the movie tells the audience about the guy keeps flowing up to the present time. It seems that Liyer is having his fame to become a healer artist.

The healing secret is to balance the body and soul through several ways such as meditation to balance the energy and unite with the universe. The concept of Tri Hita Karana (Three Relationships are also taking part for this energy unity). They are the relationship with the God, human and environment. However, the most important thing is “you” heal yourself. All come from within and without acceptance of yourself, you would not be able to heal. The Healers are the guidance. They show the way how for the healing process.

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