Other Secrets of Balinese Herbs and Spices

From fever to the cancer cure treatment

Previously, we have revealed hidden benefits of Balinese Herbs and Spices. Now, we have more to come to get to know them better. The natural culinary ingredients and remedies are used for many years ago up to now through many variations in serving or mixing them up with food or drinks. They are easy to grow at the house yard in tropical country. They can serve as the garden’s plants or interior decorations. However, these super herbs and spices are more known as natural remedies and culinary ingredients.

Lemon Grass is herb, which is usually used in cooking with sauce. Small cut of the plant is added in the soup to get extra flavor. The plant is also used for herbal tea! It is commonly used to treat cough, cold and sore throats, Anxiety, High cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, Colitis, Digestion Rough, dry, scaly skin, Acne, Constipation, Kidney detoxification, Insomnia, Relaxation and deep sleep. A safe anti cancer plant kills the cancer cells without harming the normal cells. Enriches by vitamins and minerals makes the plant healthy herbal remedy for health and illness treatment. Good impact for beauty by consuming lemon grass is to lose weight through fat burned effectively!

Lime, lime and lime with sweet aroma. The citrus family is widely known in two types in Bali. The small round wrinkle lime is known as Lemo. Lemo has very strong scent and the best additional for Balinese cooking, especially for minced satay. The leave of Lemo is often used for the culinary. The best way is to shred the leave and mix it up with the meat to cook or just put the whole leave into the soup! Then Juwuk Lengis is a round skinned lime type. This lime is a substitute for Lemo, which is widely used for refreshing drinks /juice. The health benefits include weight loss, skin care, good digestion, relief from constipation, eye care, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gums, urinary disorders, etc. It helps cure Arthritis, rheumatism, prostrate and colon cancer, cholera, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, fatigue, heart diseases and even very high fever.

Eat more Shallots in a day. It will reduce the chance for developing cancer, heart disease and diabetic. The anti oxidant contains in the shallot will help to cleanse toxic in the body. The natural anti inflammatory, anti viral and anti allergic is suitable to be included into your diet.

Balinese garlic has typical strong smell and small cloves, which is important to Balinese dishes. Eating 1- 2 small cloves of garlic everyday keeps our health and protect the body from several diseases as it stimulates the immune system. So many different diseases can be tackled such as colds, coughs, infections and inflammations. The most important is it is anti cancer. The other functions are to prevent and relieve chronic bronchitis, respiratory problems, and catarrh. As an anti septic, garlic cures wounds fast as well as reduces harmful cholesterol in the blood, helps controlling blood pressure and poor circulation, keeps arteries and heart healthy.

Tamarind has thick outer shell encasing brown color sticky pulp enveloping 2-10 hard dark brown colored seeds. Super sour herb for various health benefits: Such as; Reduces skin infections, Colic, Cold, Diabetes, Severe dysentery, Chronic diarrhea, Fever, Indigestion, Liver disorders, Poisoning, Paralysis, Pregnancy related vomiting and nausea, Production of saliva in the mouth, Rheumatism or reduction of pain in the joints, Skin disinfection, Sunstroke, Sun screen, Healing of wounds, Blood tonic, Urinary stones.

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