The Lines That Remind Me Of You

“The Lines That Remind Me Of You” is Agung’s first solo exhibition in four years. This exhibition reveals his return in optimism in art, after feeling cynical about it in the past.

While working on the concept of the show, Agung explores a rich variety of medias. From drawing on paper, to watercolor and iron installation, Agung Kunrniawan presents his great artistic diversity. The theme of this exhibition is the memory of the past. To Agung the memory is a bridge connecting the past and the present; it becomes the foundation of the existence of one’s identity today. Remembering is not an activity of recording what has happened in the past, rather it reconstructs those memories: creating a theater in the mind by collecting scattered memories and reconstructing them to become a “unity”. In his iron installations Agung Kurniawan explores memories that are often blurred. This is showcased in the light giving shadow when hitting the iron installations. Then reconstructed onto the walls has blurred lines and shadows. This questions if there is a border between reality and imagination?

Lines are important element in Agung’s works. Many stories are told through the lines from his lost family, his love of using watercolor, and his view on Indonesian contemporary art which are composed in the simple way through lines. In the past Agung’s works were about socio-political issues with horrible narration and characters. However, his works are visually tamer now and still critical.

Memory is not an instrument for exploring the past but its theatre.
(Walter Benjamin, Excavation and Memory, 1932)

The Lines That Remind Me of You

23 April – 22 May 2011
Venue             : Kendra Gallery
Opening         : 23 April 2011
Time               : 19.00-21.00
Artist              : Agung Kurniawan
Curator          : Brigitta Isabella
Artworks       : Painting and Installation

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