International Vegetable Oil Conference (IVOC) Bali 2013

On : Tue, 18 Jun 2013 – Wed, 19 Jun 2013

Food, energy, and water are critical for our current society and will be of increasing importance in the future. Uncontrollable world population growth and climate change are forcing us to reassess our food and energy consumption and will have real and substantial impacts on the water cycle. Solving the interlinked challenges of food, energy and water resources in a sustainable manner is one of the fundamental goals of this generation. In addition to these fundamental needs, health is also an essential necessity to be seriously addressed.


Oil seeds gains a substantial attention in recent decades due to its potential usage as both food and renewable energy resources. The greater their availability, the securer the world, as it was proven in the past and today that the lack and uneven distribution of food, energy, and water has been triggering wars among nations and social unrests in many countries. All vegetable oil producers should work together to bring about food and renewable energy resources sufficiently available for anyone living in this limited space on earth.


In 2010, palm oil and soybean oil together account for nearly two-thirds of world utilization, and most of the world’s recent production growth. Rapeseed, sunflower, and palm kernel oil support 16%, 7% and 4%, respectively, of world consumption. Although predominant use of vegetable oil is for food with over 80% of the market, significant increase of biodiesel production and use spearheaded by the EU (mostly in Germany and France), from 2005 onwards, has caused a growing concern over food price increase following the increase of bargaining power of vegetable oil. Insignificant proportion of industrial usage of vegetable oil should be regarded as an open opportunity for new investment and exploration.


Efforts to increase vegetable oil production should be conducted in a sustainable manner. Chemical pollutions and greenhouse gas emission should be kept in check. However, a heavy force by environmentalists should be given in such a way so that their actions do not hamper the genuine intention of fulfilling sufficient food and renewable energy for continuously growing world population. Stronger efforts should be built together in newly emergence of uncertainty of world economy, recently triggered by the EU economy crisis.


The world togetherness involving all vegetable oil stakeholders would be seen on 18-19 June 2013 in Bali, Indonesia, at International Vegetable Oil Conference (IVOC), hosted by Indonesian Biotechnology Research Institute for Estate Crops (IBRIEC). The theme of this prestigious conference is “TOGETHER WE FEED THE WORLD”.


The Conference will explore the topic of global outlooks with a focus on needs of vegetable oil for food, bioenergy and health. The challenges for balancing between food and bioenergy needs and incorporating uncertainty into economic and welfare opportunities will be discussed together with the impacts and responses on environments and sustainability. Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, operating in a carbon constrained world and a focus on renewable energy including practical applications and integration into the energy mix will be covered.

Location : Westin Resort , Nusa Dua – Bali

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