Hindu Holiday, Galungan

For followers of Hinduism in Bali, Galungan is one of the sacred feasts. The day before Galungan, it is called Galungan Penampahan. Slaughtering pigs today as a sacrificial animal. But the real meaning is today should kill the animal traits that exist in themselves.

Usually, men who do the slaughtering pigs, whereas mothers offering for the next day. Activities performed in the early hours of slaughter and further process the pork and various spices seasonings to be processed into a wide variety of foods, from pork roll, fried, lawar and pork satay. In the afternoon, there will be lots of ornaments made of palm leaves on a long bamboo pole is then erected in front of the house. The decoration is called Penjor. Assorted decorations enliven the atmosphere of Galungan. Mothers are usually busy arranging fruit and assorted forms of ritual tool called jejahitan. Skilled hands of the balinese women takes each leaf pieces to assemble a unique decoration that has a profound philosophy about life and how religion is implemented in a form that reflects sacred between cultures and religions in Bali.

The next day, on Galungan will be seen many women carrying various types of offerings. Offerings are intended for the gods in the family temple. The event will begin in the morning and at noon a lot of people will visit the temple in Bali to pray. Hindus of various regions will visit several temples on this day. People crowded the urge to go and pray at the temple that they are headed. Mothers bringing offerings, the father took his son who was dressed neatly and sometimes funny. Not just about praying happened on this day, it is also where the family would get together, have fun, and tell stories.

The next day more people will visit the temple. But for those who have done praying, today is day for day trips with the family. Nature tourism, culinary tourism, and shopping mall will be increased. The parents will bring their children for the holiday home.

Hindu tradition performed during the celebration of Galungan day was quite interesting.

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