Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach, amazing white sand and absolutely breathtaking view. I woke up late in the morning after my journey at the broken beach yesterday. What a day to start and yes it is my last day in Nusa Penida. Almost 9 am, my driver called me 20 times. “LOL, you late bro. He said”. He already ordered me noodles and tea. Nice brooo. Start the engine and hear his best playlist ever. All the way with the Balinese song and enjoy nature.

Arrive at Diamond Beach, The views from the cliffs overhead are gorgeous. Impressively, It had carved stairs out of the cliff therefore made it miles easier to climb down to the beach. I just bring my camera and left the drone in the car. I already have taken the video from the top. Be careful with the wind. My drone almost falls and hit the clift. It takes 10 times for me to stay awhile before continuing the walk. The beach is clean because less explored and hence still maintain the cleanliness.

It has beautiful sparkling water. We are so lucky that the wave is perfect for my photo. Enjoy my meal and my driver enjoy his coffee. Meanwhile, see the ocean and hear the sounds were an amazing experience in Nusa Penida. This almost felt like sometimes in Greece and Santorini. We do not meet many people there. It’s really wonderful and amazing tourist destination in Nusa Penida. Diamond Beach is a good place to enjoy and relaxing time during your holiday.

Note for anyone: be careful with stones in the water, worth the trip! Bring sandals and shoes. Don’t use sandals when climb! Wear proper shoes with a good grip. Once on the sand then use your sandals. It takes time to climb down and back to the top, so prepare your leg and stamina. This place is not really suitable for old people and kids. In short, it will best if you start more early in the morning, don’t swim, and takes a lot of pictures.

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