Community In Dilemma: It Is Difficult To Free Bali From Rabies For The Balinese Are Dog Lovers

Bali News, Badung – What disclosed by health experts Head of Health Department of Badung regency, Dr. A. A. Mayun and his staff Dr. Elly Swandewi is, the elimination of rabies can be completed if the birth source of rabies virus (mad dog virus) eradicated, at least during the consecutive period of three years to break the transmission chain. This is also confirmed by the opinion of Dr. N. Suteja, head of Bali Provincial Health Department, that the prevention of rabies disease can be done with the two most well-known principles of “Immunization” (Anti-Rabies Vaccination) and the “elimination” of wild dogs. However the two always have problems in eradicating rabies that makes it never be exhaustive and no doubt that another victim of rabies, Wayan Lusir (65) appeared unexpectedly on Saturday (9/01) in the area where the disease was first “declared” in Bali by Br. Wijaya Kusuma in Ungasan Village, South Kuta. It is unfortunate that the efforts to anticipate rabies do not enthusiastically welcomed by all components of society so that the obstacles still impede the success. This uncooperative situation has led to several problems such as the lack of rabies vaccine procurement (VAR) stock because of delays in distributor delivery, and sometimes the stock of vaccines is being traded by some of the attendee-less Rabies Centre in Badung. This has added unnecessary obstacle in the effort of solving the problem, especially in Badung which became primary distributor of rabies virus.
Elimination measures of wild dogs are still facing many obstacles because there are some people who disagree with the mass eradication while refusing for their dogs to be treated or maintained properly. No wonder the dogs are prone to contracting the virus, as well as increasing the number of irregular spreaders of rabies virus. Kuta Tourist Village is now already under the shadow of the threat of rabies disease, because according to Bali News observations, lots of wild dogs are often roaming the area during the night, and it had been reported and compensated to the Head of Badung Regency Health Department to avoid another disaster.
A heavy challenge for authorities is always going to be around in the efforts to anticipate rabies if the public did not come together to consciously support the eradication programs by helping accelerate the elimination efforts of wild dogs, so that chain of growth and the spread will be forever “lost”.
It is very important that people who own a dog maintain the well being of their pets. If the assigned Protection Act for Dogs is breached then the owner should be willing to eliminate their dogs. Furthermore, it is also revealed that the most concerning group is patients who are “vaccine allergic” because it means there is no cure for rabies disease available for them.
What can be done to the patients and prospective patients is to continue to perform SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in the principles of prevention, and intense socialization in the community of the steps should be taken if there are people who have been bitten by dog. For example: wash the wound with soap continuously for 15-20 minutes to clean and extract blood around the injuries so the virus will not immediately spread throughout the body, then the patient should be immediately sent to the nearest hospital. However, these measures could not be fully adopted by the whole community, resulting in so many victims still fallen until present. –ws-

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