Broken Beach – Pasih Uug

Broken beach Nusa Penida is a stunning place in Bali. I had a pleasure to see and try the tour. I stay for 3 nights in Nusa Penida. On the first day, it doesn’t seem so fun and interesting. Waiting for the boat in Sanur beach to Nusa Penida was very exhausting. During the way, you will enjoy the ride. Sometimes our boat looks like flying on the wave. Yes, you will go across the sea to reach Nusa Penida. The trip was comfortable and relaxing for me although sometimes I hear a few people screaming. They didn’t enjoy the ride, LOL. The first time you will see the beach with white sand beach. Enjoy the sunset and get dinner in a good veg restaurant that served delicious food.

The Second day, it is early morning in Nusa Penida. On the way to Broken Beach was very quiet and a bit dark. Fresh air will cure your stress during your working day. I want to enjoy the sunrise and morning tea from the top. Meanwhile, my driver turns his music playlist along the way. What a day to start.

Beyond doubt, the Broken beach is as beautiful as heaven. When the sunrise comes, it is amazing. Stunning in every moment. All shade in a green mixed brown landscape. After that, I just freeze my time and my mood. Then forget to take the picture of a perfect sunrise. Just enjoy it. I’m preparing my camera then start to take the picture. I climbed trees, using a drone and stabilizer to take pictures. I didn’t follow my tight schedule because it is cool hidden spots and viewpoints at the most scenic places in Nusa Penida.

The beach is gorgeous. You will love the wave and white sand beach. Walk around with my driver who helps me carry my stuff. Best driver ever. I was finished my trip at 10 am. Yes, it is too early but needs to catch up Diamond Beach tomorrow. Therefore, I take a break for my leg and check all the pictures that I took.

What a fantastic trip to the Broken beach. The place is slightly touristy but it is a must-visit for first time Bali visitors.

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