Big Motorcycles, a Prestige sighted from “The Road”

Bali News, Denpasar  –  A prestige can be obtained in various ways. Especially with something that is unusual, unlike most of other people. One of them is by having a big motorbike.

Gung Oka (40) looks muscular beneath his t-shirt which was a bit tight. That afternoon he was met while waiting in the queue at a special workshop for big bikes in the region of Dangin Puri, East Denpasar. Oka intended to add some components to the bike to make it more stylish. His motor type is King Road, Harley-Davidson made from 1997 with a size of cylinder nearly 1500 cc.

Gung Oka told that there is a special prestige when you drive a Harley Davidson. “For example, when we were on the road riding side by side with a BMW or a Mercedes, people would still see our motors because Harley is unique. Just by hearing its roar, our adrenaline can rise “, he said.

Many people dream of having this bike. But the problem is not just limited to money. Oka said that even some rich people do not deserve to ride a Harley. “If the soul is not a match, then it’s not a match. Moreover, it is important to keep our stamina at its best. Our bodies must be fit first, to be comparable with the motor that we ride. “

While on the other hand, many other people have felt tempted to try it in a very long even, but can not afford it. “I have dreamt of it since a long time ago, but only achieved to ride it 3 years ago”, he recalled while laughing.

The weight of this motor reaches half a ton. That is why the special skills required, including the physic and stamina to ride it. Moreover this large motor is so vulnerable to fall, that’s why there are always protective arch shaped like wings placed on both sides. The wings will hold the body so it does not crash as it falls. If it crashes the machine can be easily broken, yet the price of one machine is up to 180 million Rupiah or even more.

The name Road King means king of the street. However, Oka and most other bikers are rarely using their bike on the road. In a matter of months on average of only three times will the bike go down the street. The rest of the time, it is only to be displayed at home. Most bikers are unwilling to use their bike because the outside tire that will quickly run out if often used. Understandably, the outer tire price is quite expensive.

Large motors are generally imported from abroad. A small percentage of them are legal and the rest are not. That is why some bikers, “the king of the streets” should also be vigilant on the road. From time to time the police can spy, pursue and seize the vehicles. The reason is the inexistence of vehicle’s official permit.

Behind the prestigious there is an expensive price to pay. Oka said the difference in price of the vehicle with formal permit and the ones without is about 70 to 150 million Rupiah. For the sake of cheaper prices, bikers tend to ignore the complete motor permit.

Just like AD, a biker who did not want to be named described the relationship between the officials and the bikers is like cats and mice. Bikers are often secretly afraid of going onto the street because it kept staked out by the authorities. “Imagine that we bought expensive motorcycles, and have to be sized by the police because of not having a permit for them. Then the bike becomes a display at the police station parking lot, won’t we be dizzy just by thinking of it? “

For that, Oka and some friends actively socialize to the bikers to submit a letter of permit for the vehicle. They log all of the biker communities. In Bali there are about 800 bikers riding Harley Davidson without mentioning the ones riding other big motors. Seventy percent of them do not have an official permit.

AD explains the role of Bikers is indirectly participating in Bali tourism promotion. Many of our tourists have enjoyed the ride through touring. We also hold social activities, such as making charity actions for the orphanages, helping disaster victims and donating money for damaged roads.

Many of the expatriates who had settled in also brought their bike here. “It’s a proof that these big bikes can contribute to the addition of local revenue. What’s left is for the government to respond more wisely. So we are equally safe “. –aks-

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