Betutu – Chicken or Duck in Balinese Spices

Bali News, Denpasar –  Betutu are dishes made from chicken or duck containing of the whole Balinese spices, covered with banana leaves then roasted in the husk fire. It is always served with ‘sambal matah’ or uncooked chilly onion in coconut oil. Betutu is a very spicy dishes, so if you decided to order it from your local restaurant, be sure that you are accompanied by glasses of iced cold water to reduce the hot sensation. Sweating and tears coming out from eater’s eyes are considered as normal when enjoying this specific dish. One of famous producers of betutu is located in Melinggih village, Gianyar regency. Betutu are used as offerings in religious ceremonies and rituals as well as for daily consumption and can be found at the restaurants in Kuta and Denpasar areas. Consumers are not limited to local society but also overseas visitors who are holidaying in Bali. Betutu is only good for a short period of time after it is cooked. If you leave it longer than 12 hours, it will become sour and not suitable for eating. –iu-

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