Balinese Sweets for Breakfast or Dessert

Bubuh Injin – Black Rice Pudding
Jaja Batun Bedil – Glutinous Rice Flour Dumplings in Palm Sugar Sauce
Godoh & Pisang Rai – Fried and Steamed Bananas
Bantal – Pillow cake
Laklak – Balinese Pancake

The mentioned above are the Balinese Favorite sweets for breakfast or desert. Those sweets always appear during the ceremony held. In the local daily life, the mothers would wake up early in the morning to purchase the sweets or cakes in traditional market for the husbands or kids before starting the day. Accompanied by warm tempting coffee and a glass of tea, these cakes would be more enjoyable to taste. Through a simple and traditional process, the cakes are home made and no additive. The natural ingredients make the cakes spoil easily. They should be eaten as soon as possible. The price is really cheap which is at IDR 1,000,- for a portion at the traditional markets. The following are the short description on the traditional Balinese cakes for a small exploration in Bali.

Bubuh Injin (Black Rice Pudding) This unforgettable rice pudding is not too sweet and a bit creamy with the coconut milk on top. Foreigners always fall in love with this cake and always wanting more. Nutty flavor, melt-in-mouth, smooth texture of Black Rice Pudding makes it highly demanded both by Balinese and visitors. More variations can be added to this pudding to add up the flavor and taste. Some people would prefer to have small chunks of banana or jackfruits on top of the pudding. Other fruits are okay to add depends on the preference.

Jaja Batun Bedil – Glutinous Rice Flour Dumplings in Palm Sugar Sauce This cake’s name is a bit weird to hear, however, unique name sometimes easy to remember. Jaja in English is cake, while batun bedil means bullet. It is called batun bedil or bullet due to the small gluten chunks look like bullet. The appearance of this cake is interesting with small round chunks of gluten in thick palm sugar liquid. In serving Jaja Batun Bedil, shredded coconut on top of the cake. To eat it needs a little effort since the cake itself is quite sticky. The stickyness comes from the thick palm sugar liquid mixed with the cake. However, it is worth to try.

Godoh & Pisang Rai – Fried and Steamed Bananas The Fried Banana becomes so important for breakfast or snack during relaxing moreover if it is accompanied by warm coffee or tea. Afternoon tea or coffee is the perfect match for the fried banana. It is more Indonesian cake rather than Bali, however, it is more popular in Bali. For modern serving, some restaurant or café would serve it with ice cream or cheese. Better have it with ice cream. Pisang Rai or steamed banana is almost the same as fried banana. However, this cake is steamed. The taste and texture is different. The steamed banana is smoother while the fried banana is crunchy. It comes with shredded coconut and palm sugar.

Bantal or Pillow Cake A very challenging cake to eat is Bantal or pillow cake. It is not for the taste but for the banana leave container, which needs to be un-winded before eating. The outlook of the cake is as a pillow, which is made up of mixture of sticky rice, desiccated coconut, salt, sugar and a filling of banana, jack fruit and red beans.

Laklak – Balinese Pancake Balinese famous pancake or laklak is made up of rice flower added up with coconut milk and a little sugar. The traditional pan from clay is used to bake the laklak cak and only takes up to 10 minutes to be ready. It is served fresh in the morning with the shredded coconut and palm brown sugar sprinkled over the laklak. The pancake comes in different color; white (plain laklak) and green laklak which is mixed with Suji leave (a natural food color from plant).

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