Bali Becomes Business Destination For Foreigners

Bali as a world tourist destination has a much positive and negative impact on the dynamics of the birth of the world lifestyle. This phenomenon should then be shouldered by the Balinese as consequences being an object of tourism. The impact in which the people of Bali and tourism-related apparatus have not realized is that Bali has become a “reflection of the world market”, causing so many foreigners to take advantage of Bali as a business place. For foreigners, Bali is a very strategic place for business investment because Bali has been considered a safe place, has a lot of vacations and other facilities to run a business, has relatively cheap potential labor, and has cheap raw materials with high export value. All of those advantages become a strong encouragement for reckless actions to be carried out. These include finding ways to migrate illegally and tricking weaknesses in Indonesian Law. This symptom has attracted public attention, so the relevant authorities are expected to take immediate action in preventing any disadvantages caused by this illegal action.

Violations are generally committed in the form of the frequent misuse of Visiting Visa (overstayed) that in reality is more often used for various activities such as employment and activities as a businessman who often uses local people as a cover in running the action. The irresponsible act usually ends with the local people as the victims, while the foreigners usually ran away whenever a problem appeared. Fake marriages with local women are often used as a shield to obtain a residence permit. This phenomenon has become a burden or homework for all parties in Bali in the effort to fix and anticipate these conditions from being repeated. Generally, activities of the foreigners who have been violating the law are in small businesses sector for export such as the small garment industry, handicraft, mini markets, wooden gazebo, villas, restaurants, cafes, discotheques, and even property business. Under Indonesian law, foreigners are not allowed to work directly in Indonesia, except for foreigners associated with a foreign investment with relatively limited time.

Relevant authorities who are directly involved with the activities of foreigners such as Immigration, Customs, Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Human Resource and Transmigration, travel agents, etc., must work together in realizing step-by-step anticipation.

Current activities of foreigners in Bali are very concerning, both as workers and as entrepreneurs. A lot of complaints have been made by local workers and entrepreneurs because the existence of foreign labor and entrepreneurs prevents them from competing fairly as the export market share can be controlled by foreign businessmen.

On the other hand, efforts to control the activities of foreigners in Bali has not been optimized. This was recognized by the head of the Human Resource and Transmigration Office for Bali Province, Drs. Artadana, M. Si, who was accompanied by the Head of Job Placement and Invention Division, Drs. A.A. Putra Adi. Due to a lack of supervision funds in the publication of Foreign Manpower Utilization (TKA) Permit, which is issued from Jakarta by the Echelon II officials in Ministry of Labor and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia, they are often granted without support or recommendation from local authorities. Law enforcement in charge of supervising foreign workers is also carried by the Police Department of Foreign Control Division. These two agencies are the most responsible for the supervision of the foreigner’s activities and thus, closing the social gap between workers and local as well as protecting local workers and businessmen.

“The existence of ‘ghost’ sponsorship by marriage with local residents without recognition of Indonesian Civil entry is invalid and can not be relied upon in fulfilling the application requirements for Kitap or Kitas,” expressed a source from the Office of Population and Civil Registration for Badung Regency, Putu Yudi Atmika, SH. –ws-

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