Bali Arts Festival – art, food, and handicraft

Bali Arts Festival is an event to explore and preserve the art and culture of Balinese people. Preservation of art and culture. In the same vein, it is including a philosophy, noble values, basic concepts, and cultural heritage as a representation of civilization. The development of the arts through the creation, innovation, and cultural adaptation. Bali arts festival is hope for staying alive and sustainable.

Bali Arts Festival occurs as an effort offering the best creative works of art. Now people eager to choose between art and handicrafts, traditions and creativity. Then all of that they used to create arts with imbued the spirit of dedication. The difference will not reduce the nature of art. It is based on motivation as offering the best and “spirit” in all activities of the Balinese people.

Art is a form of offering and creative works. Offerings and creative works of art imply a sincere liberation in Hinduism often refer to as implementation of yadnya. Yadnya presented through art and make the best creation. The artist will not present his or her work the ugliest or sober, but that is born from the upstream cultivation of love and the art of spiritual.


To accommodate art and artistic aspirations of reconstructions, the Government of Bali, since 1979, by the late Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra initiated a festival art of the Balinese people, who until now called “Bali Art Festival” (PKB), which is the first time in the title.

The base of the Bali Arts Festival is the government Regulation No. 07 the Year 1986 on the “Bali Art Festival”. Bali Arts Festival was first held in 1979, lasted exactly 2 months. From the date of June 20, 1979, until August 23, 1979, and each year has provided an opportunity to showcase the best works of art. Likewise, a vehicle for developing arts and culture. Above all, it is the preservation of arts and culture, which is almost extinct and buried in society. Peoples motivates to explore, discover and performing arts to the public. It has provided its own nuances for the constancy of Balinese art and culture with a different theme annually.

In conclusion, Bali Art Festival makes the Balinese people always be a creative person. Thus the activity and artistic creativity to produce creative works and Balinese art will never cease, to explore and develop new ideas, whether it is a new idea of ​​art as well as in day to day activities, in order to connect the continuity of life. It is used to compensate for the distribution of foreign culture as a whole due to globalization.

The opening of 35th Bali Arts Festival (PKB)

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono opened the 35th Bali Arts Festival on June 15 in Denpasar. Yudhoyono set to attend both the street parade at the Bajra Sandhi monument in Renon in the afternoon, as well as the opening ceremony at the Werddhi Budaya Arts Center in the evening.

The street parade featured traditional Balinese cultural attractions from across Bali, as well as from the other provinces in Indonesia. Thousands of artists will participate in the parade that starts at 2 p.m. local time. The parade commenced on Jl. Muhammad Yamin and go along a 1-kilometer route to Jl. Raya Puputan Renon, passing the VIP stage, where Yudhoyono and scores of high-ranking officials will be seated.

Yudhoyono marked the start of the street parade by hitting a gong from the Gong Beri traditional ensemble and the opening ceremony took place at Ardha Candra. the main open stage at the Werddhi Budaya Art Center and features a collaborative drama and dance piece Garuda Digjaya Mahambhara (The powerful Garuda, master of the sky) performed by students and lecturers from Denpasar’s Indonesia Arts Institute. At the ceremony, Yudhoyono officially opens the month-long arts festival by striking ketungan, a wooden mortar used to pound rice.

The Bali Arts Festival is slated to be held June 15-July 13 this year. Around 15,000 artists will stage more than 340 art performances during the annual fiesta and with shows taking place every day at several venues within the Bali Arts Center in Denpasar.

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