2nd Bali International Choir Festival 2013

On : Sat, 20th July – Fri, 26th July 2013

BICF-2013 is now Rescheduled to 20-26 July 2013.

A. Juli 20 – 23, Bali Symposium 2013
B. Juli 20 – 23, Bali Singing Festival 2013, Singer and Orchestra. Project: Hymn of Praise from Felix Mendelssohn.
C. Juli 22 – 25, Bali International Choir Competition 2013
D. Juli 23 – 26, Bali International Choir Championship 2013


Event Package BS 2013
For individual participants or groups who want to parƟ cipate in Bali Symposium 2013, the
commitee provides Event Package WITHOUT accommodation, and local transportation
for USD 170,- per person.


This package include
Participation fee :  Participation Fee BS-2013.
Goody Bag :  BS 2013 KIT
T-Shirt  :  1 per person.
*  T-Shirt will be the production commitee 30 April 2013, please see the size of t-shirts according cm on the application form. The commitee does not
guarantee the availability of the requested size if the size of the data sent
after that date.


Meal:6 meals; 3x Lunch and 3x Dinner.
* The commitee will not provide meal on the arrival day due consideration
for participant comfort on fl ight delay, schedule changes, etc.


Free Entrance :  Opening Concert.
Atelier class selected, and the whole Choir Collaborati on Workshop,
BS concerts,
Gala Concert with Orchestra BICF 2013 / Closing Concert.


Discount 500rb/person
For individual participation register before
December 31, 2012.


Discount 750.00/person
For Participation Group with minimum 20 people
register before December 31, 2012.  And will have the opportunity to collaborate lead by choral experts.


Info : +6285240863316  |  +6281809686676

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