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Tenganan Village, heritage of Bali

Tenganan is a village that has its own uniqueness in Bali. The village is quite isolated and is located in District Manggis, Karangasem regency in the east part of Bali. The distance is approximately 60km from downtown Denpasar, Bali. Villages still maintain a lifestyle community governance refers to the rules of the inherited traditional village customs of their. Although the facilities and infrastructure such as electricity and other facilities that had entered the village of Tenganan, house and custom are remain original and exotic.

This is cause by the tenganan village customs regulations are very strong, they call awig awig they’ve written since the 11th century and has been updated in the year 1842. When the other sights attractions in Bali growing rapidly such as Kuta Beach, Amed Beach, a very festive with the presence hotel, beach, cafĂ©, and its nightlife, culture of Tenganan village still stood firm not concerned with the changing times. And not only that, the descendants of this village are born from the marriages between their fellow villagers.

Therefore Tenganan village remains traditional and exotic, although Tenganan society receives input from the outside world but it still not change so fast, because the traditional village rules or awig awig have a very important role towards the village of Tenganan.

To enter the village of Tenganan is a unique. Before entering the village of Tenganan area, you can park you car on large parking area. We are going through a window, there we are not required to pay. It is because there are no tickets were sold, but we voluntarily contribute to maintain the public area.

The residents of the village of Tenganan use the barter system among citizens. there are many plants, rice fields, buffalo roam freely their yard. To boost their tourism potential, many Tenganan villagers who sell their crafts to tourists. Some crafts typical of Tenganan are woven bamboo carvings and paintings on palm leaves that have been burned. In this village, visitors can see the village buildings and young craftsmen who drew lontar. In the past, the village of Tenganan has also been known for his skill in weaving fabric gringsing. This fabric is unique because the fabric is hand-made. It can be expensive fabrics, and only produced in Tenganan village. The color of the fabric gringsing derived from plants and require special treatment. Some gringsing takes one month to produce it. While many travelers are coming to this village, but unfortunately not many of them want to buy souvenirs.

Being in this village, we feel safe and peaceful atmosphere. The village residents were very welcoming and friendly. We can get around the area of the village and witness their day activities. And at this time we can watch and see the behavior and customs of their traditional culture is very strong. So it is worth if they are referred to as Bali Aga.

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