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Security Factor, A Fixed Price To Be Paid In Achieving 2.3 Million Tourists Arrival In Bali For 2010

The expectation of getting 2.3 million tourist visits in 2010 has been implemented earlier by the Head of Bali Provincial Tourism Department, I.B. Subiksu and practitioner I.B. Sura Kusuma (I.B. Lolek), owner of the Pacific World Nusantara which also supported by vice chairman of Asita Bali: I Ketut Ardana, SH, and Managing Director of PT. Bali Sinar Mentari Tour & Travel. These figures that play an important role in tourism dynamics, have determined that safety factor is the definite price to be paid for many tourists to come to Bali. Without a solid security and stability, it is unlikely that tourists will come to the island. It was obvious after the first and the second Bali Bombings, when Bali came into stagnation because nearly all of foreign countries forbid their citizens to come by issuing travel warnings. Even now, travel warnings from the Australian government have not been revoked, because it is still traumatized by the serial consecutive killing of Japanese citizens lately. However, Australians are still eagerly coming because the appeal of Bali is very strong. When compared to other tourist destination in the world, Bali is geographically close and is still considered as an affordable destination.

“Apart from the security, Bali existing cultures must be kept well maintained because we are selling cultural tourism. It should also be supported by environmental hygiene, and health of Balinese as the subject and the perpetrator of tourism business. Panoramas and nature with all their contents must also be carefully maintained to remain stable and not destroyed by the rogue elements that are not taking any responsibility, because the landscape is the most dominant tourist attraction”, said Ketut Ardana. Condition of the people of Bali has allegedly changed because of tight competition with the new coming outsiders. This causes a shift in way of thinking so that Balinese society is driven further away from the joints of mutual cooperation and togetherness as the original character of Balinese. Social conditions of the poor Balinese are not enabling them to fully participate in the tourism arena. Wild and foreign guides also become a serious threat to the tourism existence and appreciation to the condition of Bali. Booming arrivals to Bali are not properly controlled as it has negatively impacted the local communities with the settlers that could not detect and adapt to its characteristics. Many immigrants were encountered in various acts that could damage the social order.

Tourism image recovery is expensive and time-consuming, so anyone who lives in Bali must be ready and able to protect Bali well because his/her life depends on the arrival of visitors. Public reprehensible acts are creating a lot of concerns as criminal acts such as robbery, pickpockets, fraud, rape and others now occur almost every day in Bali. Booming of immigrants is also becoming one source of the problems. A homework still shackling the Department of Police is the latent danger of terrorism that could explode at any time since their ideology is alive and hard to kill, although they have caused many victims to go in vain.

Currently, beggars, transvestites, street prostitution, rape, and robbery are the vivid color decorating tourism areas of Kuta and its surroundings. Police Department is working hard to overcome the situation and capture the players involved in cases of beggars, transvestites and street prostitution. However the court often charge them with mild sanctions of misdemeanor only, which is insufficient in creating deterrent effect so that those street workers are keep coming back to their profession. –ws-

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