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Mc Donald’s Successfully Enter Local Market While Balinese Roasted Pig Successfully Penetrates World Market

The growth of McDonald’s outlets is pretty fast in Bali, especially in Kuta, Sanur, Ubud and Denpasar. Currently McDonald’s is not only loved by foreigners, but also seek by the local people. Some buyers who got into a conversation with Bali News, generally admitted that the food and beverages produced by McDonald’s are pretty good, varied, in accordance to the tastes of youth, affordable, hygienically reliable, and has representative service. The average buyers are satisfied and have unconsciously become returning customers who eat and drink while relaxing on Mc Donald’s almost once or twice a week. This condition reflects the marketing operational team that has managed to successfully penetrate the market.

Fondness of the youth to relax in McDonald’s is viewed as more prestigious, than in any other places for leisure, dating, birthdays, business or other activities because it’s truly representative, cool and has a good view in the surrounding environment.

Marketing innovation seems endless to be faced by other competitors. The targeted profit is commitment of all operational ranks so power to face the prime market opportunities will be gathered, expressed McDonald’s Marketing Manager, Mrs. Alit, when contacted in her office at Robinson supermarket in Denpasar.

On the other hand, Balinese roasted pig has successfully penetrated the international markets, especially Asian such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. One of the makers of the roasted pig in Denpasar called “Rebo” has been overwhelmed by the orders received. However hygienic factor has always been a primary consideration because it involves export quality products that are susceptible to pest and disease epidemics. The contradiction between the food products of McDonald’s and the roasted pig which smoothly own their market share is determined by the “taste”. When in Bali, McDonald’s is very popular, the roasted pig is being hunted abroad. –ws-

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