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Balinese cuisine in hotel, missing

We thought last week, look for hotels that offer Balinese cuisine but also cheap to stay. After a long and fruitless search, we finally decided to choose a cheap hotel. Located in Kuta, 5 minutes walking distance to the beach. It is very close to the beach.

We check-in during the day and into the room we ordered. Then store the bag in the cupboard, and went to the rooftop bar for a welcome drink. It is spectacular scenery on the edge of the beach of Kuta, Bali.

Enjoy the beach scenery, welcome drink and take a photo. It is just amazing. About an hour, we were hungry and ordered food through the bars to be sent to the room. When we look at the food menu was very surprised, there is Balinese cuisine rice with satay and traditional chicken sauce. Finally the food arrived to our room. It’s not as much as the portions at home, but it feels good. We like cooking, especially Balinese cuisine. Balinese cuisine at it’s been modified slightly with reduce the chili and pepper portion. But one word, Delicious.

Intrigued to find out why not all hotels in Bali serve Balinese cuisine, then we try to meet some of the chef to find the answer.

The main problem is very rarely are willing to try any cuisine on menu that they do not know. They fear on the impact arising if they eat Balinese cuisine. If this is the case, it is easy to find the solution. Make a brief list of herbs that are used. When a guests reads spices used, they usually ask the waiter or find out on google. Once they are convinced, they will order it. If guests can eat china cuisine, Thailand cuisine, and the Philippines cuisine, then we believe they will love Balinese cuisine.

Moreover, questioning the quality of the local dishes is also a major obstacle to entry into the list of menus. We are really confused if there is a question of quality. As far as we as a connoisseur of cuisine, all dishes were qualified. The only make it different is local flavor. If the meat is said to be less qualified, we think all meat are good just the chef that likes discriminating and as we ate it has same taste.

Hotels operating in Bali should be required to place Balinese dishes on their menus. The serving of local cuisine would enrich the experience of foreign and domestic visitors to Bali. Of course, that would take effort and initiative.

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