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Bali Tourism, development plan or dead

Couple of peoples said that Bali’s tourism sector had stagnated in 2013, as the world economy has not fully recovered.

In addition to the external factors of the global crisis, but also because of internal factors on the island, such as traffic jam which occurring in southern Bali from Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, Kedonganan to Tanjung Benoa.

In other part, the development of various tourism accommodation would cause the island which has the nickname ‘Island of Thousand Temples’ is the excess room in 2013, both star and non-star hotels.

Until now, there is no ‘master plan’ about the development of tourism in Bali. Consequently, there is a disproportionate growth of tourism between northern and southern part of Bali. Balinese so dense creeping south, while the north is so quiet. Yet again the eastern Bali Karangasem and the western part of Jembrana.

Every district is now so easy to issue permits without regard to the construction of the hotel’s existing tourism capacity. In addition to permit the construction of hotels, most of the green, sloping beaches, rivers and cliffs border also have a lot to be violated. Sooner or later the Bali tourism will stagnate or likely fallen sharply.

Because of that many tourist cancelled their visit to Bali. Are there any other causes of the stagnant growth in the tourism industry? So we do couple of test by traveling in sanur, kuta, and ubud.

The world economy has not fully recovered and Traffic Jam.

In our opinion, the world economy has not improved is less suited to be a reason. We see many tourists passing by in the shopping center of Kuta and Ubud. The occupancy rate of the hotel is quite good for this low season. When we asked a tourist and we were pleasantly surprised. He has several times come to Bali, but this might be the last time if the temperature does not go down in Bali. Now too hot for foreigners and many people in many blog said it is hot and humid. Other thing that bugs us as balinese people, he did not know which way to walk, because everywhere there are vehicles. We should remember foreign people loves to walk.

One thing that is almost forgotten, as we headed to the sights we had to rent a vehicle. We were confused to use public transportation, what we should use and how much they cost. We are trying to find a digital map of the web pages but does not clear the direction and mileage.

Very different when we visit abroad last year, everything is clear. To reach a destination for example, we are given several options of transportation model options. If you use the bus from the hotel, bus use is determined by the number and cost. Then from the bus to the MTR, from there you have to stop in a subway where you can continue your trip by bus or taxi. So even when I go home to the hotel. Obviously this will make it easier for travelers to determine the approximate cost. Look at Hong Kong, and even there we can use a card that has been filled in advance with some money for the payment transaction and buy food at the mini store. Easy and very comfortable.

Natural scenery in Bali.

Be please to visit sanur and kuta. For us, no comment. One thing we know was it is beautiful and clean beach with clear water.

So let’s create a development plan for Bali. It will be costly, but in the future we are sure will be better. Hopefully the government read this and opened his heart to do a total overhaul.

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  1. Yan says:

    Dear editor/reader,

    Reading the conclusions from an eye survey about the convenience of Bali for foreign (and domestic?) visitors, to my opinion this is only half true and thus false.

    The economic crisis might have some backslash effect on tourism on Bali, agreed. The constant heatwave may be troublesome for some, true. I experience the heat as unpleasant in this time of year, before (2010), temperatures and rain showers were more normal. This is all caused my the man-made greenhouse effect, the planet is warming up and Bali will experience more and more temperatures up high in the 90’sF (35C).

    Due to the continuous building of new hotels, private villa’s and other constructions, the buildings themselves add to an increased temperature. Where are the parks and natural landscapes in the south of Bali. The are almost extinct. Where you find little bushes, they are full of garbage. Litter is just burnt everywhere leaving toxic pollution of air, soil and water behind. It is a shame that the Bali Governance, earning so much money from taxes in the tourist industry leave Bali to be a garbage place, overheated and polluted.

    The traffic is a horror, rules do not exist, driving licenses are just bought without knowing how to drive, construction works are very dangerous obstacles on all roads, leaving the workers and drivers in trouble, accidents occur everywhere.

    The cleanness of the island of the gods is seriously in danger, already much polluted beaches (Kuta, Jimbaran), toxic rivers as long as there is water in the riverbeds anyway, shortage of clean water (the groundwater is almost exhausted), diseases like typhoid, cholera, malaria waiting to return. The Balinese just dump their waste in the river beds, toilet wastewater and alike is not treated and flows into the sea, eventually.

    I would strongly appeal to both the Provincial government, businesses, tourists and the Balines communty itself to act now before it is really too late. No more building, take care of water catchment areas, preserve environments still left, make cool parks and clean bushes/small forests. In that way, yes…make a sustainable development plan for Bali that can be implemented in one year, no longer. For the sake of all who like Bali as it was….


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