Bali Tourist Attractions – Places Must Be Seen

Bali is a small island which is occupied mostly by Hindu and the rest is mix of four other religions (Buddha, Moslem, Christian and Catholic). The area itself stretches from north to south which can be covered in 4 hours drive and from east to west about 6 hours drive. This tropical island is showered by sun shine all year. The best exposure for sunbathing will be from May up to August.  For the big fan of tanning, this is the best option for Holliday in Bali. On the other hand, if you visit the island during September to April, get prepared with an umbrella for wet season, since Bali will be wet for rainy season.

The occupants are mix community from different religions, races and including expatriates all over the world. The locals’ main jobs are varied. Most of the natives were used to be farmers. However, now only villagers remain as farmers in some secluded areas or villages, due to rapid developments in Bali such as tourism development which turn some rice fields into concrete field of villas, hotels, restaurants and other accommodations. Meanwhile, the citizens are having varied professions as government employees, hotels staff, company management employees, property business developers, etc. The people live in a social organization which is called Banjar. This Banjar will be maintained by some family live in a certain village under a village chief. This organization helps locals to organize their society lives to help each other that makes all works easier such as; cremation, marriage, ceremony, temples celebration, etc.

The local’s social life and their activities can be unique attractions for visitors coming to Bali. They come for the beauty of Bali and its unique culture. The attraction itself spread all over Bali in seven regencies which are; Badung (Central), Singaraja (Northern), Negara and Tabanan are in western part, Gianyar,  Klungkung and Karangasem are in the Eastern part,. Many things can be seen and experienced during a long vacation. It will not take long to visit the objects. The following will be a brief description of what must be seen in Bali based on the seven areas mentioned.

Badung. Lies in the heart of Bali as the official centre where all government offices are located. From here all officials take place. It is only 45 minutes from the airport within the driving range. There is an ancient heritage to be visited in the area which is called Gajah Mada. The place is commonly called, Denpasar heritage city. The area is full of ancient buildings inherited from the Dutch Colonial. It was used as the trading centre at that time. However, now the trading still takes place in the biggest traditional market along the area which is Kumbasari Market.  Kuta, the most famous entertainment spot is also located in Badung regency. For party lovers, this is the place to go. Many cafes, clubs or restaurants offer for live music, parties and some events to join. Hotels are also spreading along this area. The sunset view is also can be previewed from Kuta beach. The atmosphere turns to be romantic with the orange and yellowish sky as the backdrop of sunset.

Singaraja. This regency is located in the northern part of Bali which can be reached within 2 hours Drive from Denpasar. This northern area is well known as a diving spot and to see the dolphin swimming free in the ocean. Lovina beach becomes popular amongst international divers all around the world, especially Japanese divers. Its calm water and the under-water view have attracted the visitors’ curiosity to dive in and explore the under-water space.  Besides, there are some objects that are available to be visited such as Tamblingan Lake and Gitgit waterfall. The tamblingan Lake is located at the main road from Denpasar to Singaraja. The lake is surrounded by the hills and green view around. This place is worth to see for a life time experience. Gitgit waterfall is perfectly situated in the rain forest plantation with crystal clear and fresh water. This spot has been the favorite destination in Singaraja both domestic and internationally. The locals are also use this beautiful place as a recreation place to have bath or play ground.

Negara. This is the border between Bali and Java Island, which is separated by ocean. The port here is Gilimanuk, as the entrance to Bali area. The transportation from and to the city starts here as the alternative way besides from the airport. Normally the budget is the main reason to take this option. The view offers is different from others. The ferries port at the bay with many kids diving into the ocean for coins thrown by the ferries’ passengers. This can be a unique experience to see how these kids enjoy what they are doing. Apart from that, the under-water view is also see through due to the crystal clear water makes it possible to look at.

Tabanan. Tanah Lot is a breathtaking temple on top of the reef in the ocean. It is located on the coast of West Bali, at the village of Beraban, Tabanan. This becomes special because of its setting on top of the reef with simple construction. The holy place is surrounded by the ocean that is only accessible during the low tide. There is also a cave underneath that can also be visited. Another spot for family vacation is Bedugul. This area is located on a high plateau with cold air. The botanical garden in the area consists of collection of 320 types of Orchids.

Gianyar. It is an art and culture centre of attraction. The regency is highly recommended to be visited to encounter Balinese culture and the art creation. There are many art shops that can be visited for the art crafts as well as some art galleries. Ubud is the most famous area to visit. Its palace is open for public to visit. Some art performances; such as kecak dance (a group of men who perform together creating music from their mouth) and gamelan (Balinese traditional music). Then across the palace is the Ubud market which is full of handy-crafts, clothing products and souvenirs at affordable price.

Klungkung. The most favorite place in Klungkung to visit is Desa Kemasan or Kemasan village. This small village is famous of handy-crafts made of silver, gold and its traditional painting of shadow puppet. All visitors can see directly how the locals create the product. The experience is worth forever to check out.

Karangasem is one hour drive from Denpasar. The cultural attraction lies here which is the Tenganan Village, the ancient of Bali. This village is the reflection of old Bali and still remains original until now. This small village is composed of 3 social communities (Banjar) in the compounds which are; Banjar Kauh, Banjar Tengah and Banjar Pande. The community lives harmoniously with the environment, Human and God (known as Tri Hita Karana or three relationships). They are also good at making art crafts and weaving that they present at their front houses. Besakih temple is also worth to visit as a spiritual trip on top of the biggest mountain, Mount Agung. This is the biggest temple in Bali which is worshipped by all the Hindus on this island.

Now, whether from East to West or North to South, all objects are worthwhile to enjoy with partners, family, friends or the beloved ones. Those mentioned attractions are supported by accommodations or restaurants which are easy to be found nearby. The convenience to enjoy would not be distracted by unimportant disturbances. Enjoy Bali panoramas, the object of attractions, art and culture for different exposures.